TAG Brings Additional Income Opportunity to Advisors

TAG Brings Additional Income Opportunity to Advisors

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93 out of 100!
That’s the number of participants in 401(k)s that never rebalance their fund selections for risk or market conditions. It’s not surprising considering we all recognize the difficulty and time consuming effort it would take for advisors to help every participant select, monitor and maintain the right investment selections for each of them throughout the year. Until now.

At TAG we are always looking for ways to assist our advisors and help maximize their income opportunities. Given those participant statistics, TAG recently spent significant time evaluating the right platforms and technologies our advisors can utilize to help plan participants. We have found that platform; one that will help you extend your value in a compliant, efficient and profitable way.

As you know, TAG Resources provides unparalleled advisor administrative, compliance, fiduciary and marketing support for retirement plans. Our programs and products are specifically designed to help our advisors maximize their time, reduce risk and increase revenue from the plans we administer. This opportunity is no different. TAG is now pleased to announce it has formed a strategic partnership with the creators of a proprietary and robust technology system designed specifically for advisors, to help you create new income streams and bring value to participants –Active401k™.

Active401k™ is a simple, yet powerful tool. Here are just a few highlights of what the system does and how it can help you and your participants:

  • Active401k™ technology is fully automated non-discretionary advice to any 401(k), 457, or 403(b) plan participant, based on their individual risk tolerance, goals and objectives combined with their specific available investment options on a quarterly basis.
  • Active401k™ is only available through a financial advisor as participants cannot subscribe to the service directly.
  • Active401k™ does not compete for your client/prospect or the services you provide.
  • Active401k™ provides a fully automated billing and collection process integrated into the system where all fees are paid directly to the advisor at fee levels you determine.
  • Active401k™ handles all of the participant on-boarding to the service.
  • Active401k™ wears the fiduciary responsibility for the investment recommendations.
  • Active401k™ turns marketing expense into marketing income, creating new immediate income streams, a pipeline of roll over opportunities, new relationships and generating referrals like never before.

As a Financial Advisor, you have a unique opportunity to reengage the plans you manage by offering this elective service to the participants, immediately increase your fee income and have the opportunity to increase participation within existing plans. However, you are not limited to the plans you manage; you can offer the service to all of your existing clients, family, friends, prospects and referrals.

We believe it’s important for you to take just a few minutes to hear about the simplicity, all of the benefits and marketing ability at your disposal with Active401k™. To schedule a time just call our offices at (865) 675-8496 or you can schedule a time directly at www.calendly.com/taylorhaney/Active401k

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