Our Value

There is a wide gap between what employers tell us they want from a 401(k) and what standard 401(k)s provide. TAG bridges that gap from end to end.
Employers don’t want to be 401(k) experts.

Ease of administration

401(k) administration is a chore for any employer because, in most 401(k) programs, the administrative burden falls on the employer alone.

With TAG, over 90% of the administrative burden is removed from the employer and handled by TAG.



Upload Payroll Files
Monitor Service Providers
Provide Year-End Data
Employers don’t want to pay fines or penalties.

Consistent Compliance

Every Retirement Plan has to take governmental compliance seriously. TAG administered plans are consistently monitored for compliance, so IRS and DOL audits are a breeze.

Employers don’t want to be personally at risk.

Liability Protection

TAG protects retirement plan sponsors against fiduciary liability to the highest degree allowed by law.

Employers don’t want to overpay.

Reasonable Cost

Lower Plan Cost

Employers receive services that most providers don’t offer because the services are being offered to many at once, TAG’s plan costs are generally the same or lower than those providers.

Fiduciary Liability Protection

Due to our industry-leading 3(16) fiduciary liability protection, your risk of loss of personal wealth resulting from fiduciary liability action is greatly reduced.

Lower Staff Costs

Because we provide over 90% of plan administration duties, our Employers enjoy lower staff costs than employers who have other 401(k) plans.

No Fines & Penalties

If an employer follows the TAG program as directed, then the employer will always pass a regulatory audit.

Employers want their 401(k) from a tried-and-true provider.

Substantial Service Providers

TAG is the largest “end to end” 401(k) provider in the US. Our service providers are retirement industry leaders. Any information pertaining to our service providers is available upon request.