At TAG, we have a unique approach to our retirement plans to make it easy, safe and cost effective for employers. Watch this 2 minute video to see how.

Our Vision

Retirement for everyone is our goal. It drives us to come up with innovative solutions that put more people into plans, giving more of us a chance at real retirement. Our program responds directly to employerʼs stated desired aspects of a retirement plan.

You don’t have to be a retirement plan expert.

Ease of Administration

With TAG, over 90% of the administrative burden is removed from the employer and handled by TAG.

You don’t want fines and penalties

Compliance Assurance

If an employer follows the TAG program as directed, then the employer will greatly reduce their exposure to fines and penalties.

Successful DOL Random Audit Results 2018

Typical Retirement Plans0%
Employer Plans that followed the TAG Program as Directed0%
You donʼt want to be personally at risk

Fiduciary Liability

TAG becomes a Signatory Named Fiduciary on your plan, protecting you to the highest degree in the industry.

Don’t overpay

Reasonable Cost

Our plans are the same (or lower) cost as plans that do not offer all of our services.

Tried & true providers


TAG is the largest “end to end” 401(k) provider in the US. Our service providers are retirement industry leaders.