401k Averages Book’s Free Infographic Illustrates the Fees for Two $5 Million 401(k) Plans
Baltimore, MD (PRWEB) September 27, 2017 — Using fee data from the 401k Averages Book, a new
infographic “Are All $5,000,000 401(k) Plans Created Equal?” illustrates the difference between a plan with
$5,000,000 in assets and $50,000 average account balance and that of a plan with $5,000,000 in assets and a
$10,000 average account balance. Even though both plans have $5,000,000 in assets, the difference in fees
might surprise you.
“401(k) fees for all $5,000,000 plans are not equal. There can be significant pricing differences if the
$5,000,000 401(k) plan has 100 participants as opposed to 500 participants,” says Joseph W. Valletta, co-author
of the 401k Averages Book.
The infographic is based on a 401k Averages Book study released in August 2017. A free copy of the
infographic can be found here www.401ksource.com/infographic.

About 401k Averages Book
Published since 1995, the 401k Averages Book is the only resource book available for non-biased, comparative
401k average cost information. It is designed to provide retirement plan advisors, employers and financial
professionals with essential 401k cost information needed to determine if their 401k plan costs are above or
below average. The 17th Edition of the 401k Averages Book is available for $95 and can be purchased by
calling (888) 401-3089 or online at www.401ksource.com

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