In this Day and Age the Client Experience is More Important than Ever

In this Day and Age the Client Experience is More Important than Ever

At TAG Resources we realize that there are many different options for our 401(k) clients in the retirement marketplace. The arena we live in is very competitive and the smallest problem or issue that goes unresolved or unaddressed can result in a change of providers, even if it is to an inferior program/product- something we all would like to avoid. In most cases like this, it is the human interaction that provides the most comfort to the client thereby facilitating a change, and not necessarily to the best solution. Clients are driven by emotions and we understand that at TAG.

We firmly believe that we have created the most unique and comprehensive program in the retirement industry starting with offering the greatest fiduciary protection allowed by law and the most advanced technology with our payroll integration and Bedrock Reporting System™. With that said, the reality is for a client to be completely satisfied, the total customer experience must be fulfilled and this means providing exceptional customer service. At TAG we make this a priority.

It all starts with instilling the best training and excellence qualities in our TAG Plan Specialists and other TAG team members that it takes to provide the best service possible for our Plan Sponsors, Financial Advisors, and Participants. There are times when we need to be prepared to act as a “401(k) therapist” with the ability to calmly listen, genuinely empathize, communicate caring, and most importantly quickly respond with a solution that is best for all involved. The result is great relationships that are infused with trust; more so than the best pricing, the best protection, or the most advanced technology, this is by far one of the most important means to keep our clients satisfied and retain their business.

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