Inside The TAG Resources Mission Statement

Inside The TAG Resources Mission Statement

This is the first of a two-part series on our Mission Statement and Core Values.
We hope you enjoy this sequence as we give you a glimpse of the strategic concepts that help serve as guiding principles for the team at TAG.

TAG’s Mission Statement as codified in our 2016 Strategic Plan is as follows.

Challenge the status quo of the retirement industry through our

  1. people & experience
  2. leading-edge technology
  3. strong commitment to fiscal integrity & compliance
  4. awareness and education
  5. bringing peace of mind to our clients.


Great words, great message, but what do they mean? Let’s break down the five precepts in our mission statement driving us to transform the retirement industry.

People and Experience.

It goes without saying that most companies would place people at the top of the list when it comes to key assets — but do they show it? At TAG we empower people at every level to innovate; some of our key automation efforts were created by the very technicians who execute the daily process. Our specialists visualize themselves as the surrogate 401(k) department for the plans they service, empathizing and engaging to completion any challenges our clients face. We are constantly training because we’re constantly changing, growing, and trail-blazing in our industry. We nurture, support, and take care of each other much in the same way a family does.

Leading-edge Technology.

Our Bedrock™ platform leads the industry when it comes to automating and aggregating payroll, notices, and eligibility tracking. We are one of the few TPAs that have organic IT and Programming Departments, and this gives us the ability to adapt to Recordkeepers that none can match. We are unceasing in our planning for the future and unwavering in putting that plan into action. This planning is evident in how we manage our path-setting successor to The Open MEP™, our aggregated model the Prototype Plan™.

Fiscal Integrity & Compliance.

Our operational arm of TAG possess a Plans & Policy Branch whose sole job is to standardize, scrutinize, and ensure compliance in all aspects of plan administration. From installation to payroll, they leave no stone unturned, which is why our average DOL audit time is less than a tenth of the industry average. We proactively answer questions and resolve issues so that the DOL has little to no follow up. Our Quality Assurance function continues to be force multiplier; we strive to tweak key processes and deliver a customer experience rooted in compliance.

Awareness & Education.

Our staff has a solid career path, strong training plan, and an in-house leadership symposium to ensure the next generation is ready to take the reins at a moment’s notice. We possess a significant number of QKA certifications in several departments, unheard of for a company our size. Our blog, LinkedIn page, and monthly newsletter is littered with detailed materials on 401(k) mechanics, tips, and intricacies of the industry. We provide the latest news and analysis of what is going on deep inside the halls of Washington, DC. to ensure our clients have a deeper understanding of potential changes coming down the pike. We strive to bring relevant and engaging speeches, talks, and presentations in various 401(k) gatherings.

Peace of Mind to Our Clients.

The culmination of these precepts dramatically affects our interaction with you, our customer. We have detailed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that measure the things that matter, broken down by both individual and section. Our specialists are always on proactive phone calls, conducting comprehensive plan health checks, and serve as the single point of contact to the client, no matter what the issue. Our reporting capability alongside the recordkeeper keeps the client informed of the latest statistics and reporting with their plan. Client-specific microsites house notices for our participants, giving them 24/7 access to their plan in a paperless environment.

In summary, the customer experience at TAG is unlike any other 401(k) company you’ll come in contact with on the planet. We strive to be different, and it all comes back to our mission statement and core values. Stay tuned for the next installment when I share the details of our core values and how these two forces, the mission statement and core values, combine to make TAG the premier organization to manage your 401(k) plan.


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