Accomplishing the Mission at TAG Resources

Accomplishing the Mission at TAG Resources

As I move past 6 months as the Chief Operating Officer for this great company, I wanted to take a moment to compare and contrast my background in the Armed Forces to what we do in the retirement services industry. About a year ago I made the choice to transition from the military to the private sector and join the dynamic team at TAG Resources in Knoxville, TN.

I have spent the last 21 years serving my country as a Financial Management Officer in the United States Air Force. During this time, I led airman from as far north as Minot, North Dakota to as far south as Tampa, Florida. I’ve been deployed numerous times and seen the devastation and poverty in tyrannical/terrorist regimes like Iraq and Afghanistan. I’ve come to deeply appreciate the call & sacrifice that our military makes for the greater good & security of our country.

When I came to TAG and was introduced to the world of 401(k) management, I felt like I was in a new “duty station” and immediately sought to understand the “battlespace” and how to accomplish the “mission.” It has been a wild ride to make the jump into the retirement services industry — sometimes it feels like a war zone!

The great thing about TAG and my new vocation is that the calling is just as strong to make a difference for the greater good of our country. We have a similar vision to many of you reading this post — to have more Americans save for retirement and be able to retire with dignity. As we in the 401(k) industry discuss different ways we can utilize vehicles like the Open MEP®, there are sure to be hurdles and concerns that must be addressed appropriately. Don’t forget the goal—the vocation that we are a part of is bigger than ourselves. This is a calling that we can all rally behind: getting more people into more plans. The end goal of retiring with dignity should not be ignored; rather, it should the central focus of all that we try and do. Our efforts need to be in the best interests of the participant, then we all win.

I look forward to doing my part ensuring the mission is accomplished — that we transform the industry and lead the charge to take 401(k) management to the next level!

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