TAG’s Vision

TAG’s Vision

AT TAG, we’re proud to offer the best retirement solution in the marketplace.

Retirement for everyone is our ideal, and we mean it here. It’s what drives us to come up with innovative solutions that put more people into plans, giving more of us a chance at a real retirement.

We learned long ago that the key to achieving this goal is making it easier for you as an employer!

Our value proposition is simple: time, risk and accountability.

When you work with us, you’re able to spend more of your time on what matters to you and your business; we run the retirement plan for you so that you can run your business.

Risk management isn’t a buzz-word with us: we take on the fiduciary responsibility for the day to day management of your plan.

And finally, Accountability.

The buck stops here. We run your plan through thick and thin. Your problem is our problem. Literally.

TAG is known in the industry for a number of our innovative programs: Multiple Employer Plans, the Open MEP, Aggregation models, 3(16) Fiduciary Risk Management; and these are all certainly a big part of our history and what we do.

But we want you to know us as just one thing: Your Retirement Company.

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