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Your retirement. Plan.

TAG is radically dedicated to your success. We work with employers, participants and financial advisors to bring about the rebirth that your retirement planning needs.

Plan for success.

We offer a turn-key solution to handle every aspect of your company’s retirement plan. Want sand beneath your toes? Then, start here.

Partner for success.

We work with you to keep your retirement plan on the straight and narrow. Compliance minded, yet fun to work with.

Watch us work.

Retirement for all.

Our Mission

TAG exists with one singular goal:
to give all employees the opportunity to retire.

To meet our mission we provide impeccable service and education that builds assets and increases client retention which in turn allows us to marginalize those additions into lower fees for our clients.

Through the power of aggregation we are able to create a repeatable process that creates a repeatable success and a repeatable story to tell.

3(16), 3(21), 402(a)… you won’t see these ridiculous numbers on this site. (except for in this sentence). We deliver accountability. And like you, we’re more than just a number.

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Handle this for me, Bob.


We handle your 401k; that means everything, from loan approvals to compliance to participant education, we keep your plan running smoothly and compliantly.

• Cost Containment

• Reduced Administrative Burden

• Reduced Fiduciary Risk

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Fix what we already have.


We partner with your current providers to handle the day-to-day operations of your 401(k) and monitor your plan for full compliance.

If Overlay could have a kitchen sink, we’d have it. Our Plan Administrator service is the real deal.

We make your current plan better. You’ve got good players already, but we’ll take them to the show.

The age of compliance has arrived and if you don’t have compliance as a first priority, you need us… now.

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We’re fans of you!

Our clients.

We exist to make your life better, one 401(k) at a time.
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Elkins Constructors, Inc.
You guys have been super awesome! I love the feature of the weekly emails on new loans, changes to contribution rate, etc., because it makes it super easy to keep my payroll deductions up to date.






Retirement for all.

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Alright, tell me more.

About us.

We are a leading U.S. retirement services company based in Knoxville, TN.

Our management team has serviced the retirement plan industry for more than 100 years, collectively. Our mission is to provide all employees the opportunity to retire—this means constructing better programs and tools to achieve a fully-funded retirement. TAG has a culture of innovation that is unique in the retirement industry. We pioneered the concept of the aggregation of small companies to better the service-pricing models which makes 401(k) plans affordable for even the smallest employers. TAG’s experience in leading the industry on Multiple Employer Plans includes enhancements that have made working with 401(k) plans easier than ever before.

TAG’s Model continues to inspire innovative ideas for fixing the retirement gap in America. For example, the Retirement Act of 2014 was just proposed to expand retirement coverage for small businesses in the U.S. – using the Open MEP™ concept that TAG created.

The TAG solution consists of two parts: to reduce the administrative burden and to reduce the fiduciary risk faced by employers. Doing so enhances the affordability of plan sponsorship by employers, covers more Americans by providing a cost-effective voluntary retirement plan, and provides the opportunity for plan design mandates that enhance retirement readiness through increased savings rates.

Our Program includes a team of professionals who administer the plan, act on behalf of the Adopting Employer, and accept full accountability for the prudent management of your plan.

To learn more about the TAG Program, contact us directly at 866-315-1463.