Advisor Solution to DOL’s Fiduciary Rule

Effective April 2017









Ruling Deadline Approaching

The new DOL fiduciary rule deadline is approaching fast. In this new ruling are additional fiduciary requirements for financial advisors representing retirement products to plan sponsors. This is causing a lot of concern and upheaval within the financial advisor ranks and their broker dealers. Published estimates say that between 100,000 and 150,000 financial advisors will leave the retirement business.

There Is A Solution To This Problem

TAG Resources has been offering fiduciary liability protection for financial advisors and their clients since 2002. We have built the leading 3(16) Plan Administration service in the industry, partnered with top investment firms to offer 3(38) Investment Fiduciary services and have a spotless track record of success in reducing fiduciary liability from financial advisors and plan sponsors.

What Is This Solution Specifically

This is a plan that has the objective of protecting financial advisors and their plan sponsor clients from fiduciary liability. We do this by performing 99% of all administrative duties for the plan, effectively becoming the plan sponsor’s retirement department. We are also a signature named fiduciary on the plan and are the named plan administrator on the plan. Because we are the 3(16) Plan Administrator, we sign the 5500 as a named fiduciary – not merely the preparer of the document. Combined all our services protect financial advisors and plan sponsors to the highest level allowed by law.

This Solution Works With Most Recordkeepers

The TAG solution works with most major recordkeeper platforms. The only change you need to make in your existing single employer plans is to name TAG Resources as the 3(16) Plan Administrator which includes all administrative duties currently in the plan but adds critical fiduciary services that do not currently exist.

This Service Can Often Be Provided For Less Than The Current Plan

Even with the enhanced services and fiduciary protection provided, the TAG services are typically priced near the current costs being charged for fewer services. And when the risk is considered the costs are typically less to plan sponsors than current plans.

If You Are An Advisor Who Wants To Be The 3(38) For Your Clients This Plan Makes Your Position Even Stronger

In some instances an advisor may wish to act as the 3(38) on their client’s retirement plans. In those instances our administrative capabilities and 3(16) Plan Administration adds significantly to the advisor’s 3(38) offering.

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